An Increase in problem Flea Infestations!

August and September are typically the months when fleas start making their presence known. Either people are bitten or Pets begin to suffer.
There are a number of different Flea species (Approx 2380) but the one most commonly encountered in the U.K is Ctenocephalides felis, The Cat Flea. Even if you have a dog and not a cat, It’s very likely that they are C.felis and not Ctenocephalides canis, The Dog Flea.Female fleas can lay 5000 or more eggs over their lifetime
The female Flea needs a blood meal before she can mate and before she can produce eggs, these are typically laid on the host and are then dislodged through grooming and movement with the majority ending up in the hosts sleeping area. A Pet’s bed provides a perfect environment for the flea eggs to hatch and develop, supporting up to 8000 immature forms and 2000 adults.
The eggs hatch in approximately 7 days (Depending on conditions)into white worm-like larvae that feed on dried blood and other organic matter.Flea larvae emerge from the eggs to feed on any available organic material
The larvae undergo 2 moults over a period of up to 4 weeks and then spin themselves silk coccoons in which they pupate.
The flea can remain dormant in this state for many months if there are no hosts to feed on, emerging only when stimulated by vibration and body heat from a passing host. ‘Estate Agents Itch’ was commonly encountered by property valuers whilst surveying empty properties, The unfortunate estate agent being the main course for a horde of hungry fleas stirred from their dormancy by the vibration of their footsteps.The Fleas tough body is able to withstand great pressure
There has been a marked rise in the number of call outs for Flea Infestations, most of which are only made by the customer after they have spent a small fortune on DIY treatments that have failed to remedy the situation. (A recent customer had spent over £200.00 before contacting us in desperation) More and more customers are claiming that products which have been effective in the past are no longer having the desired effect, this suggests that Fleas may be developing resistance to certain Insecticide formulations.
If you think that the spot-treatments or Flea Collars that you normally buy aren’t achieving control of Fleas on your pet, contact a local Professional Pest Control Company, Such as Cavalry Pest Solutions. You’ll be surprised at how reasonable the charge for a Flea Treatment is and there’s a very high success rate when carried out by trained and experienced experts.
Here is a comment from a customer who has just experienced the benefit of a Professional Flea treatment Programme:Professional Treatments have a high success rate!


Focus on Rodents – Gnawing Behaviour.

New Video on YOU TUBE from Cavalry Pest Solutions Focus on Rodents - Gnawing

The Rodent Problem you didn’t know you had….

Rat numbers on the Increase

Favourable conditions have influenced rat population Numbers

At 2 am GMT on the last Sunday in October, clocks move back by one hour for the end of British Summer Time and as the nights start drawing in and winters approach starts to bring a drop in temperatures,many of you will discover the rodent problem that you didn’t know you had!
Summer may have been a total washout in some respects but Rat numbers have been on the rise thanks to favourable conditions such as moderate temperatures from early spring and plentiful food sources.
During the summer months, Rodent colonies can increase in size almost right under our feet, taking advantage of cover provided by summer foliage but it’s the seasonal drop in temperatures that force rodent populations to seek shelter and warmth, leading to infestations that seem to have appeared overnight!
The economic situation has influenced rodent population increases as well and there has been a rise in DIY rodent treatments which in most cases only serves to make the problem worse.
If you have Rat or Mice problems, obtain the services of a professional Pest Control Company such as Cavalry Pest Solutions. Experience, knowledge and an understanding of rodent biology and behaviour is essential in getting to the root of these types of infestations and dealing with them effectively.

All things start at the Beginning…

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