Just what is the problem with foxes?

 Just what is the problem with foxes? Foxes are one of Great Britains Most popular animals,Countless portrayals in the media from films and cartoons to the famous puppet ‘basil brush’ have earned The European red Fox Vulpes vulpes, a place in the Hearts of millions.

Do foxes present a risk to humans?

Most people’s experiences of foxes will not be set in green rolling hills but in an urban setting, Foxes are masters of adaptation and ultimately It is this which is the start of the problem.
Many people have visits from urban foxes and actively encourage this, putting out food for them in the mistaken belief that a wild fox is little more than a dog.

FOXES ARE WILD ANIMALS! They are by no means domesticated and can be aggressive and unpredictable.
Overall, It seems that as a species, Foxes appear to be growing bolder, the number of incidents involving foxes entering homes, attacking Pets and even more worryingly attacking humans is on the rise, and it may be that human feeding & encouragement is having an effect on this.

The following links illustrate some of the incidents;






The following link shows an ‘experiment’ by a London-Based Pest Controller showing a fox attack a ‘baby’ in a pram;


Are Small Children at risk from Foxes?

No-one really knows how many Urban Foxes there are, although an estimate of 33,000 (At the end of Winter) is accepted by many commentators.
As a Professional Pest Control Officer, I can admit that Urban Foxes are not the easiest Pest Species to deal with, The most humane method is to cage-trap them and then dispatch them with a firearm. Releasing them elsewhere is not the answer, and indeed is considerably crueller.
Prevention is better than cure however, there are a number of effective Fox-repellents available and you can get advice on these and also on aspects of ‘fox-proofing’ your garden from a local Pest Control Company, Such as Cavalry Pest Solutions.

Are we encouraging Fox Attacks?
The Issue is far from black & white and is often an emotive subject but I would suggest that people refrain from feeding urban foxes and seek professional advice over any concerns they may have.