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Is This The Most Dangerous Spider In The U.K?

One of the great things about being a Pest Control Officer is that no two days are ever the same, The endless variety brings fresh challenges and you never know what unusual surprises are waiting just around the corner.

I had such a situation earlier this week when a local pet shop phoned Cavalry Pest Solutions and asked could someone call in.

When I arrived, the owner asked me to wait whilst he went to fetch a container with an unidentified spider in it.
Looking at the specimen, I could understand the Owners concern as this spider looked somewhat similar to some of the more dangerous species such as the Black Widow and the brown recluse, neither of which are naturally native to the u.k
Correct Identification of species is all the more difficult when in the field and it’s important to have this service carried out by a professional company such as Cavalry Pest Solutions.
I identified the Spider as a Species of False Widow,Steatoda grossa.


The False Widow Spider, one of a small number of species that are found in britain may have hitched a ride on a delivery, although it has become more frequent in the south-east and is probably spreading north, with records as far north as the Orkneys.


Most reported Spider Bites are attributed to False Widows,but these claims are difficult to substantiate and may be exaggerated by the media.
Being bitten by a spider is unlikely in this country in normal circumstances, and the effect of a bite is unlikely to be worse than being stung by a wasp or bee. A more serious problem is only likely to arise in the event of an allergic reaction or if the person is already compromised by other health issues.

Nevertheless, if severe swelling or ulceration results from a suspected spider bite it is recommended that you see your doctor immediately or visit an A&E Department. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve Just seen a Pest Controller in your Favourite Takeaway…

Just Picture the scene, you and your family are just sitting down to eat at your favourite restaurant when you notice the owner shaking hands with and saying goodbye to a PEST CONTROLLER!!

Shock,Horror, There must be a problem,There MUST be an INFESTATION, Mice,Flies,Rats,Cockroaches,Panic Starts to take hold,You’re never coming here again….

Hang On,

Let’s Stop for a moment and look at the reality!

Under the food safety regulations introduced in 2006 it is a legal requirement that all food premises must have a pest control system in place and that all food preparation areas must be proofed for potential pests. A breach of these regulations can result in a fine of up to £5000 and under new rules, a prison term of up to 2 years.
A great deal of work undertaken by the Pest Control Industry is preventative, For Example, Food Businesses who have a service agreement with Cavalry Pest Solutions typically have between 8 and 12 visits by a Professional Pest Control Officer, who can make sure that there are no problems and at the first sign of trouble, swiftly make sure that the problem doesn’t escalate.

If you see The manager of your favourite takeaway chatting away to the local Pestie, That says to me that that restaurant manager takes his job seriously and wants the best for his customers – YOU!

Unfortunately though, Many businesses think that they’ll never have a problem and end up regretting it when Pests do raise their ugly heads and they’ve no system of control in place.

Some people think that they don’t need a Pest Controller as they’re more than capable of doing the job themselves, The modern Pest Controller however, has to have a detailed and wide-ranging knowledge of multiple subjects including Biology, Natural history, Health & Safety and Legislation to name a few.

Correct identification of pests and signs of activity can be challenging to say the least and it’s in these situations when it takes experience, knowledge and skill to make the correct appraisal of a Pest Problem. Can you tell the difference between a psocid and a phorid?

Those Food businesses where you never see a PCO (And there’s plenty about!) are the ones that you should maybe worry about!

Ask the owner of your favourite restaurant or Takeaway if they have a Pest Control & proofing System in place.

Many People see the Pest Control Industry as some form of dirty secret, But the truth is that collectively, we provide an essential service to households and businesses throughout the U.K and provide a front line of defence against some rather nasty creatures and even nastier diseases.
Datas who run the Professional Pest technician Registration Scheme say that “they are conscious that although those involved in pest control are first and foremost the guardians of public health, many still regard pest control technicians as simply “rat catchers“. Pest control today is both complex and highly regulated. Controlling target species without affecting the health of non-target species or damaging the environment takes both knowledge and skill.”

So, as December approaches and many nights out are planned, Just remember that when you see a Pest Controller, there’s no need to panic or worry, They’re providing an essential service to stop problems before they start and helping you to get the most out of your night out…